Flow Arts
Diverse Collection

Standard or custom fire tools for every occasion.

Premium Quality

Cutting edge design, expert craftsmanship & the best materials.

100% Satisfaction

The job is only done when we are both happy.


Exotic multi-prop solo and duo, choreographed and freestyle fire dancing acts, performed by seasoned professionals.

Fire Gear

Premium quality fire dancing gear, custom made to suit the performance needs of all aspiring and dedicated pyromaniacs. 


Flow Training

Well rounded, structured and intuitive one-on-one coaching sessions and group classes, designed to take your skills to the next level as quickly as possible.

Solo Fire Show Reel


noun: Pyromaniac:
Slang for a person afflicted with pyromania, the inability to resist the impulse to deliberately start fires.

"Flow" - The Flowarts.
Flow is a state of mind that occurs when a person is totally immersed in an activity.
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