Our Burning Passion

Pyro Flow – Pyromaniac Flow Arts

Noun : Pyromaniac:
Slang term for a person afflicted with pyromania, the inability to resist the impulse to deliberately start fires.


Verb form : in movement ; to proceed continuously and effortlessly.

Continued – “the flow state”

Flow, is a state of mind that occurs when a person is completely immersed in an activity.

Context – “The Flow Arts”

Flow arts are a unique art form based on combining object manipulation with other movement arts such as dance or martial arts. This includes many circus skills such as acrobatics, juggling and fire dancing.


What We Do

  • Worlds class fire, LED and aerial art performances.
  • State of the art fire gear manufacture.
  • Integrative prop manipulation and “life flow” coaching.

Here at Pyro Flow, we ignite the spirit of creativity and self-expression through the art of flow arts.

Rooted in Cape Town, South Africa, we are more than a business – we are a passionate community of performers, teachers and prop makers / designers, committed to spreading the mesmerizing beauty of fire and flow arts.

Driven by our core values of high quality, skill, integrity, and creativity, we offer a curated collection of locally made top-tier fire manipulation tools to empowers performers to push boundaries and captivate audiences. Our unique performances are a fusion of skill, artistry and cutting edge technology, showcasing the mesmerizing dance between human, fire and air.

We take pride in providing insightful 1-on-1 and wholesome group flow arts training, fostering personal growth and honing the talents of aspiring flow artists. Our dedication to efficiency, honesty, and genuineness ensures that each interaction with Pyro Flow is an experience of authenticity and trust.

We are devoted to helping release the power of the individual’s expression, valuing personal uniqueness as much as precision in movement. Pyro Flow is more than a name – it’s a commitment to fueling the fire of inspiration, sparking connections, and lighting up lives through the transformative art of fire dancing.


Where We Come From

Halen Ray was introduced to the circus arts at a very young age through ZipZap Circus, starting out with juggling and poi spinning. He then went on to establish himself as a fire performance artist and prop-smith in 2019.

In the beginning of his journey he traded props under the name “Pyrophernalia”.
In 2022 he renamed his business “Pyro Flow” and brought fourth this platform.

Since the beginning, Halen has been working diligently to the emulate the highest standards in the flow arts world.

From practice and beginner fire tools to expert level custom performance gear and elaborate one-of-a-kind recreation/entertainment items, he strives to use every and all resources available to him to push the limits of what is possible, while also keeping a very close eye on popular trends in the global flow arts community.

Halen works full time on and in his business as its sole director, prop smith and solo performer, however Pyro Flow has recently began to work with other performance artists and is now offering duo and group performances as well. 

As we grow its reach in the industry we aim to offer a networking service for skilled and talented individuals that align with our values of professionalism, transparency and excellence.

Pyro Flow
Entertainment at its BEST

Who We Are

A highly skilled and specialized team of Cape Town based artisans, dedicated to growing and developing the world of Flow Arts in South Africa for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. 

Through the use of superior design, materials, technique and technology we are bridging the gap between the local and international movement arts and object manipulation industry.

Halen Ray

founder / Performer / prop maker

As a multidisciplinary professional fire performance artist, dedicated prop-smith, flow arts coach and the burning flame within Pyro Flow, Halen serves indispensably as the company’s production, marketing, website and customer service manager.

Jesyka Sham

Performer / instructor / choreographer

As a long time fire and aerial artist, Jesyka has a lot to offer in both the performing and teaching fields. She enthusiastically incorporates all that she has learnt in her many years performing, dancing, training martial arts and coaching gymnastics.

Marc Erasmus

3D designer/Head of R&D

As an Engineering specialist, CAD wizard, inventor and manufacture consultant.with more than 35 years experience, Marc is an incredible recourse in the realm of technology, product and systems development.

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